Crypto Reclaims

Scam Reclaims

The diversity of the digital trading world makes users susceptible to being victims of various online scams. We help our clients to recover their financial assets lost to different types of online scams which include; trading scams, fake exchanges, Ponzi schemes and ICO Token scams.

Lost Wallet Reclaims

We offer wallet recovery services for customers who for some reason or the other have lost access to their cryptocurrency wallets. These include lost/forgotten passwords,  old wallet versions, defected storage and malware (virus) infected wallets. Our expert team of professionals make use of our seamless wallet tracing techniques in partnership with our trusted partners to make full wallet recoveries.

Investment settlement

We operate as an asset recovery consultancy, and with our seasoned pool of legal professionals, financial forensic consultants, inside sources (SCD),  as well as IPs (intelligence providers)  we have attained an 92% success rate to date.

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Here are a few reasons we are a globally recognized agency.

As times evolve, techniques evolve. Our team ensures the best in class solutions are used to execute recovery of your loss(es).

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Our well-defined process is selectively tailed around producing results for our clients at all times and in all circumstances.

We operate a round-the-clock system as our team caters to all time-zones worldwide

Our expert team is as good as it gets. We recruit professionals from various fields of industries to enable us have a robust knowledgebase.

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